WISEROP is a platform for educating infant eye care with the purpose of preventing blindness in them, through innovative technical solutions.

DHP has been associated with the WISE-ROP program as their Technical Partner and has been responsible for providing all the Technology solutions though it’s Healthcare Data Platform with the all the features essential to run the program.

WISEROP platform brings together a web based portal, innovative infant eye screening devices, a proven deployment model such as KIDROP and a telemedicine application designed for Indian conditions. The WISEROP web portal intends to educate, train, certify dedicated professionals in identifying, screening and managing Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP). Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) disorder primarily affects premature infants weighing less than two kg, who are born before 34 weeks of gestation.

The DHP technology solution is embedded into the program and is involved at all stages of the program right from the time the Pre-tem infant is registered into WISE-ROP to the screening, continuous tracking, monitoring and delivery of care to the baby till the ROP condition is treated and ROP condition is prevented. The Health records of the baby are maintained till the immunization schedule is completed.