The burgeoning population in Urban areas has led to the development of slums and it is reported that 25% of Urban population live in slums which do not have basic facilities and extremely unhygienic conditions.

A consortium called HEALTH IN SLUMS has been formed with DHP as Technology partner, Baptist Hospital as Clinical Partner, Icarus Nova as Design Partner and Sheffield/Maastricht/Zuyd universities as Research Partners to identify the health issues prevalent in slums and to come up with a solution to tackle the same.

DHP has developed an Android App and a NCD Screening kit which is being used by the Baptist team to check for basic parameters like Haemoglobin (Hb levels), Hypertension (BP), Blood Glucose, Height & Weight.

The Health in Slums consortium has recently conducted an door to door NCD Screening camp over 3 weeks in one of the slums in Bangalore covering 1250 Households and 3600 plus individuals. The data obtained from this program is being analysed to devise continuous intervention/follow up visits by the Baptist team to improve the Health outcomes in this slum.