Cardiovascular emergencies are life-threatening disorders that must be recognized immediately to avoid delay in treatment and to minimize morbidity and mortality. The CARDIO-CONNECT program aims to create an eco-system in which all stakeholders are brought together to save lives by timely intervention.

At the heart of CARDIO-CONNECT program is a Cardiac Emergency Response system developed & hosted on the DHP Platform for managing Cardiac events using a Cardiovascular Emergency Detection Kit.

The patient has to register on the Cardiac Emergency Response program and will be provided with a Android App to raise an EMERGENCY ALERT. The alert is sent to the nearest Health worker based on the GPS coordinates from which the alert is generated. Apart from the Healthworker, alerts are also sent to immediate family members/ General Physicians as well.

The Healthworkers who are trained in responding to cardiac emergencies and also provided with a Cardiac Emergency Response kit to record BP, ECG and Troponin-T test. They will reach the patient within the shortest possible time and ensure that the tests are conducted and results are sent to a pool of Cardiologists who are registered on this system.

The Cardiologist will look at the BP, ECG reports sent by the Healthworker by accessing these reports on the DHP cloud and provide his diagnosis in the form of a report. Healthworker will receive an alert as soon as the Cardiologist has posted his report and he will access the same from his App and initiate further action based on the recommendations of the Cardiologist.

The actions to be initiated could be

  1. if the cardiac condition is not grave, patient will be provided with a medication based on the Cardiologist, followed by a visit to the Hospital as recommended.
  2. If the cardiac condition is grave, the Emergency Response System hosted on the DHP cloud will have identified the nearest Ambulance service provider, Hospital with a Cardiac care facility with availability of CCU beds, that also accepts the Insurance policy held by the patient.

The endeavour of the Emergency response system is to ensure that patient is transported to a cardiac Care facility within the Golden Hour.